Time Boxing

by M-Cue

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Oxytocin. Dance Central. Time Boxing.
Lots of beats, some rhyming, some pretty things and some not. This album is the one Cue wants you to hear most of all. It's unlike anything that he's released up to this point, an alchemy of hip hop, electronic, VO and a fair amount of time boxing. Kids! Listen and read along as Cue takes you on his greatest adventure yet! Watch out for those random encounters!


released January 21, 2011

Cover Art by Raqmo

Each track comes with art from Cue, and a mobile version of the music video for "Mouse and Friend". Bonus!

All tracks written and performed by A. Inasi. "Bamsie" produced by LAZA Beam. Samples in “Her Liver Weeps” by N. Takamoto




M-Cue Massachusetts

Taking hip hop music to strange heights.
M-Cue, a producer and sound designer for videogames, makes tracks ranging from grimey, scathing beats to luscious, thick orchestrations. A sound designer by day, with several games under his belt, M-Cue usually incorporates these techniques into his recordings. Look for his videos on youtube, and buy his music on bandcamp ... more

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Track Name: Emerging Flaccid
He emerged flaccid. Almost spilling out.
Track Name: Mouse And Friend
A Mouse was there to greet him. It hung in every shadow, beckoning him forth. He followed, through setting unending, but never shook the feeling that the Mouse had ulterior motives. They parted ways.
Track Name: I Should
He traveled. Roads upon roads, paths upon paths. Something rustled and fidgeted by the roadside...
Track Name: Show Sprang Sumting
!!!You have encountered a Sprang!!!
Track Name: Bamsie (prod. by LAZA Beam)
Wary from battle, he falls prey to a seductress with a thirst for blood. Her bamsie glows furiously in the moonlight.
Track Name: Her Liver Weeps
He discovers her only weakness. A vice. “Her liver shall weep”, he whispers.
Track Name: Spine Drip
A quiet bar, in a quiet age. He wants to forget. He lulls into a easy state; spine dripping. The cooks, customers, and their shepherd all add to the rhythm that swirls around him. He lets his shoulders down.
Track Name: Prayer
He says a quiet prayer...
As he mouths the final stanza, the bar doors fly open, the frozen winds invade. He springs to his feet.
Track Name: Gunplay
!!!You have encountered a Gunplay!!! ;P
Track Name: Don't Rush
The Gunplay was formidable. Beaten and on the verge of death, he lay, earth-rooted, words and images twirling overhead. He doesn't wish to rush.
Track Name: Gash Above The Knee
He felt something call to him, through the cottony ringing. “Where'd you get that Gash from?” it asked. He could not move his lips to answer. They walked through the ages together, glinting like light cast over whole lives. He learned answers to questions which were yet to be asked, and felt cadences where deception once stood.
Track Name: Space Echidna
He awoke in a field, beneath an enormous, blood-thirsty Space Echidna.

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