How We Look From Above

by M-Cue

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The newest album from sound designer, composer, rapper and voice over artist: M-CUE. This album was released over the span of 5 months, with a new song every Monday, starting January 6th 2014.

A note from M-Cue:

I've been working on this album for about a year, with a very specific idea in mind about its production and my artistic approach. Every song that I've made for the last year (excluding ones I was paid to make for videogames, and thus are contractually obligated not to sell on my own) is on this record. You are getting an unfiltered look into my creative output for the last year. Nothing has been edited out, nothing has been cut.

It's been quite a open-hearted experience for me, but one that I think will help me become a more fearless artist, which was my goal with this record.

Pricing: I decided to go with the pricing of $13 for the album, for a couple of reasons.

1. Its a 20 track album. I think there are folks out there charging $10 for 5 song dubstep albums, and people gobble it up. Just because I'm an independent artist, doesn't mean I have to conform to thrift store pricing in order to make my music heard.

2. 13 is usually regarded as an unlucky number. What I've done creatively on this record is unorthodox, and perhaps a bit unlucky in its very concept ("what? you're not editing yourself? that's crazy! Aren't you afraid of getting a crap song on your album?"). All good points, however, I choose to wave the red flag in front of the bull, and challenge my own fate, so $13 just seemed appropriate. Might as well embrace the unluckiness.

So I hope you enjoy the album, it's a wild ride through many, many genres. Its stitched together like Frankenstein's monster, and deliberately jarring at times. It represents how I think this human race must look from above, which I think is disjointed and confusing, even when you're on the ground. We really don't make a whole lot of sense as a people.

Many thanks to all who supported me through this insane journey, and particularly to Naomi, who always has my back, no matter how semi-baked my concepts and thought processes may be.

How We Look From Above.



released January 6, 2014

All tracks produced by M-Cue (A.Inasi), except "Ima Say Girls", produced by Kerry Roan. "Pilot" Voice over by Chris Rando


all rights reserved



M-Cue Massachusetts

Taking hip hop music to strange heights.
M-Cue, a producer and sound designer for videogames, makes tracks ranging from grimey, scathing beats to luscious, thick orchestrations. A sound designer by day, with several games under his belt, M-Cue usually incorporates these techniques into his recordings. Look for his videos on youtube, and buy his music on bandcamp ... more

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Track Name: No Sway Pt. 1
What yall getting into lat-e-ly,
I'm looking for a place to be,
I'm looking for festivity,
a little bit of imagery
to keep em in vicinity,
action, Jackson, Rupnarine symmetry

Back up cracker,
I'm strapped up cracker,
with knap sacks of barrels,
crack her in her saddle back,
love seat Cadillac,
best not to battle back.
Track Name: Viral Patterns
She look good, but now she gone Viral.
Watch yuhself, doh put nuttin in dat.
Track Name: Racers
There is no way to measure race.
What is black?
Track Name: No Success
No success, its about Life and Harmony. Yeah, Peace and Harmony. If it was about Success? I'd have allll kinda stuff here! LOL!

Track Name: Impatiens
I do what I want, trying to get a piece of that
Only if I can, looking for at least a tap (man I take a sneak attack)
we trying to make our stories have a happy end
We want it all now, impatiens

I ain't trying to make small moves
I'm trying to get ahead this ain't a pleasure cruise
Lots of folks fed up they need better news,
They need better lives more than them better shoes
But the patience wear thin like a pants crotch on a fat man, watch crackers hit the jackpot,
And nuthin left for the dark and the bro
We been planted in some soil that don't grow
But I ain't trying to be a seed all my life,
There ain't enough time around hear to think twice,
got others underground looking for the light,
And we can't leave em in the dark, that ain't never right
So you could either see us all at the finish line,
Or you could get a bite after I have finished mine
But I'ma have my hand out if you wanna grab it,
Cause the tortoise ain't losin to no jackrabbit
Track Name: Trop Noir
"It too black fe dem?"
Track Name: Paradise
"Living in a Gangsta Paradise"
Track Name: Density
Your intellect is very limited...
Track Name: "Ima Say Girls"
Flippin the feel, totally evident
Skimmin the deal, totally relevant
Reticent definite, never to share
Not that your freind list ever gon care
Back on the pulpit, takin no bullshit, stuck in a corporate atmosphere
Yeah I could forge it, so they could gorge it, takin in comers from everywhere
Low, slitherin sloppily though
Feelin like copy me? Go
Whether or not, you made or you got, people out there aint gon know
Brothers they movin too slow
Sisters they movin too slow
Sick to my belly, yellin for rememdy, but you aint hearin me tho

Ima say girls

Ima say girls

Ima say fellas be dumber than ever, and ladies they runnin the show
Dudes be playin the fool, ladies be gettin the glow

Ima say girls

Ima say girls

Fuck, everything you like, everything you dig on
Everything thats hype, everything thats klingon
Romulan Thug Life, fuck logic, more strife
Cloaking is for pussies, like believin in an afterlife
Ima say girls, Ima say girls
Ima say world listen up bitch
Time to "press yuh on switch"
Ima say word, Ima say word
If you ask if I wanna set fire to the suburbs

Ima say girls

Ima say girls
Track Name: Puddles and Mounds
Ball it up,
Full to the brim
Puddles and Mounds
Track Name: Metals Marching
Doo Doo Doo
Track Name: No Sway Pt. 2
Who want it, who steppin up first
Who act in hard and yet have they mouth terse
Got no time like I'm missing the minute hand
Watch me rise for an hour, not a minute man
Limits nah, not really known to be prophetic and not afraid to say it when my people act pathetic man
We got to beat these labels and these names so when they try to the tables the tables already made
Track Name: How We Look From Above
Monotheism is like a monkey sound
Track Name: My B, My Buss
I'm known to fling words around,
Damn if it injure bystanders,
Be the shogun to a ninja
My master is the man in the mirror,
Man in the mirror mastered me
Through a terror esque thought process,
Can't keep it locked in,
So I let the shit go like a fart in the wind.
Smelt it dealt it so the fuck what
My shit smell better than your armpit, "gon git!"
I ain't mean to start beef or a fuss
My b my buss my buss my b my b my buss buss.
Track Name: Robotic Love Songs
Are you coming here tonight?
This love song's so robotic
Track Name: 200 likes
Listen to that horn

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